Pelichet honored for its CSR policy at the CCIFS Awards.

17 Jul 2023 | News

Pelichet clinches the very first CCIFS Commerce France/Switzerland Trophy.

t’s a significant achievement! For the first time, Pelichet has secured one of the nine CCIFS Commerce France/Switzerland Trophies. And not just any trophy: the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Trophy.

“When I decided to apply and started filling out the application, it seemed obvious to me that we had a good chance in this new category,” says Régis Serriere, Director of Strategy, whose initials could only play in his favor.

At the Hotel Beaurivage in Lausanne, in front of nearly 400 decision-makers, Pelichet received the very first CSR Trophy from CCIFS Commerce France/Switzerland on June 5th. As an active member of the CCIFS support committee, the company was rewarded for all the initiatives it has been undertaking for several years in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

The Swiss company stood out among the 86 candidates for this Trophy. “An ongoing effort since February,” says Régis Serriere, the driving force behind the application. In the final round, it competed against DPD and the grand Marriott hotel in Geneva, highlighting the major reasons for this CSR orientation.

From the UN Global Compact to Planète Urgence

And they were not short of arguments. Pelichet has been multiplying initiatives in favor of sustainable and societal development for several years. As an entity of the MOBILITAS Group, Pelichet adheres to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and acts accordingly. It applies a precautionary approach to environmental challenges, takes necessary initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility, and supports the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies. The company also contributes to tree replantation through its partnership with Planète Urgence.

On a local level, Stéphane Disant and his teams have undertaken a comprehensive project to transition their vehicles to a cleaner fleet, focusing on electric vehicles and eco-responsible driving in collaboration with the partner Fraikin.

Energy valorization of waste

Through their office transfer activity, they connect businesses looking to get rid of their furniture with companies in search of furniture. An activity aimed at reducing waste, achieving economic and ecological gains, and optimizing waste management with the Helvetia Environnement Group.

“The remaining office furniture is dismantled, and we sort cardboard, wood, glass, iron, and plastic to maximize the value of the products during their transformation,” ensures Régis Serriere. “Our waste is valorized in terms of energy and contributes to heating and electricity production for 1500 households in the canton of Geneva.”

A strength on the human front: Pelichet’s transparent approach

In terms of management, Pelichet has also revisited its strategy and is repositioning itself towards providing information to its clients, suppliers, partners, and employees.

On this front, four annual meetings allow employees to transparently understand the company’s directions (strategy, objectives, daily operations, and ongoing initiatives). Similarly, Pelichet’s employees have a voice and can contribute innovative ideas.

The level of responsibility has been increased for department heads, who are now in charge of health and safety issues, brand recognition, and confidentiality. This new cultural approach is reshaping the perspectives of employees and motivating new entrants.

Lastly, Pelichet has also received this trophy for its stance on disability by establishing three ambassadors: Céline Van Till, Mathias Menendez-Garcia, and the Swiss Open in Geneva.

Undoubtedly, this award should propel the company even further, allowing it to further showcase each of these initiatives.

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