Green Initiative: Pelichet is placing its bets on electric vehicles.

18 Jul 2023 | News

Pelichet, the Swiss leader in mobility solutions, is taking another step in sustainable development. The company is entering into a partnership with Fraikin, the European leader in long-term vehicle rental, for electric solutions.

The environmental concern has become an urgent priority for responsible businesses! Pelichet’s vehicle fleet was aging and required renewal. Fraikin was initially consulted to conduct a fleet analysis, aiming to find the most appropriate solution based on the company’s needs. The second step involved optimizing the fleet, considering the barycenter of clients for both traditional and, notably, electric vehicles. “We had to make a strategic CSR choice in line with the CO2 law and Switzerland’s requirements for 2035; the approach proposed by Fraikin convinced us,” explains RĂ©gis Serriere, the group’s strategy director.

Fraikin, also a member of the France-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce and Industry just like Pelichet, demonstrated great responsiveness in providing suitable vehicles. Today, Pelichet utilizes Long-Term Rental (LLD) solutions for its light and heavy commercial vehicles on a daily basis. This option not only optimizes costs, relies on new equipment, and enables prompt repairs but also supports the group’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach.

Daily Operations

In today’s transportation market, many vehicles still do not adhere to the latest standards. Pelichet considers itself a pioneer in its choices and utilizes two types of vehicles for its operations: traditional vehicles (standard vehicles powered by fossil fuel) and electric vehicles. The majority of the former, particularly heavy-duty trucks, comply with the latest EURO6 energy standard (European standards limiting pollutant emissions for heavy vehicles). The electric vehicles, on the other hand, are 100% clean.

In practical terms, the solution provided by Fraikin consists of four electric vehicles (two vans and two 3.5-ton trucks) and five traditional vehicles (a 40-ton semi-trailer, three 18-ton carriers, and two 10-ton carriers). The electric vehicles, when fully powered and loaded, can cover more than 300 km, meeting the company’s requirements without adding specific constraints compared to conventional vehicles. They can use various charging stations, including standard power models (with a recharge time ranging from 4.5 to 6 hours) and super power models (between 30 and 45 minutes). Consequently, the charging capacity is more than sufficient for daily loading and delivery operations.

Environmental Responsibility at the Heart of Shared Reflection

Electric vehicles are used for all business activities and are part of Pelichet’s overall CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project linked to environmental, social, and societal responsibility. Several months ago, the group presented its CSR project outlining all upcoming actions and initiatives. This includes, among other things, optimizing packaging, product recycling, office relocation, health and safety training, initiatives through various NGOs, and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

The Green attitude represents a strong commitment from Pelichet. In 2020, the Swiss-based company had already innovated by launching a new service for its customers: office recycling. After obtaining ISO 9001 certification in 2021, commitments accelerated, and the Green attitude permeated the 55 employees of the group. “The teams fully embraced the CSR project and the solutions proposed for the vehicles,” added Regis. Following a short training session and technical explanations (recharging, loaded weight management, etc.), employees were able to proudly take the wheel of these brand-new Pelichet-branded vehicles. The company itself serves as a fantastic laboratory to breathe a breath of fresh, eco-responsible reflexes.

Today, customers are sensitive to social and environmental issues. For a greener planet, companies must contribute! Pelichet is pleased to mention that their deliveries to the old town of Geneva are made by an electric vehicle. The same goes for office transfers for both sender and recipient clients.

Whether a small company with a few employees or a larger corporation, placing environmental responsibility at the heart of a shared reflection by all proves to be exciting and invigorating. With its Green attitude, Pelichet infuses a beautiful, positive, and participative energy into its wake.

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